Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Madness of the Last Month!

I seem to always be appologizing for the delay in posts, but this has been a very long one, so in spite of the craziness, I bring you news!

I'm not sure where to begin, so I just will ....

  • Kaleidoscope's Spring term has ended. I have completely enjoyed teaching Fiber Arts to these children. They did a terrific job with their projects and seemed to have a great time!
Our last class was a felting class and children created a small coin purse using a resist. They all accomplished the task though some of their felt was stronger than others. Their challenge in this class was learning that felt is labor intesive. I often heard them say "I'm done" after following my instructions to rub this way or that for for barely enough time for me to walk away :-) The good news is that they saw it through helping them to learn that I wasn't just trying to make them work, but that it really took some elbow grease to get the job done. Each was delighted with the end product. I am sad to say that at the end of class, while saying good bye for the summer, that I did not take photos! Shame on me! I did manage this shot while they were working though.
I will not return to teaching my Fibre Arts classes at KAF until the winter term. My fall commitments between the Fryeburg Fair and the Bermuda Fibre Festival keep me traveling and too busy to be available every week to teach class.
  • My next event is in Maine at the Saco Sidewalk Art Festival on Saturday June 27th. I have not done this event before. After doing the Audubon Show in Falmouth last year, I quickly realized that though it was an Art and Fine Craft Show, the audience was geared towards jewelry and pottery. No one was interested in wall art so I decided that I should attempt a show that brought an audience that was looking for paintings. Even though my work is non-traditional, it is in the "wall art" or paintings genre. I'll see how it goes! The economy may play a role in it's success but I felt it was worth trying it out. I'll let you know how it goes!
  • Today is moving day! We made a decision a short time ago to downsize for our last year and a half in Bermuda. We've found a very spacious one bedroom that we are looking forward to. Yes, we are on the down side of that slippery slope and expect to be stateside by the end of 2010. That sounds like a long way off but as time flies, we will be back before we know it.

  • I've been babysitting "Casper" for a woman who has returned to the UK. He could not leave when she did because his health requirements were not finished in time. It has been a nightmare trying to figure out what has to be done when. Add to that an uncertain return date due to an inability for the owner to find a safe home for him until she gets settled, and you get lots of stress and many phone calls and trips to various offices. He is scheduled to fly off on wednesday next week. He was a good guy to have around and I will miss him but it is time. Any longer and I will have grown too attached!

And finally, I leave for Maine on thursday not only for the Saco Sidewalk Art Festival but for a week's vacation on a Maine Lake with family. AHHhhhhhh...... We always have a great time. Good FOOD, good COMPANY, GAMES, MOVIES and lots of LAUGHS.

When I return, I will be focusing on a week long Fiber Art Camp for Children at KAF. This will be a first for me and I am thoroughly looking forward to having a great time teaching Fiber Arts with a focus on Felting with a group of children from 7-14 years old. Wish me luck!

I'll update when I return!