Monday, September 28, 2009

1 in 8: "Busting Out" in Bermuda!

Well I'm almost out the door to catch a plane for Maine to attend my annual fiber event at the Fiber Center at the Fryeburg Fair. BUT, I could not leave without posting this update regarding the fundraising event for women's breast cancer in Bermuda. The show will be held at the Elliot Gallery at Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation on Thursday October 15th.

I posted a picture in an earlier entry of the my first submission which I called "Delicate Subject". It is a teddy like top made from Silk with wool Nuno surface designs which was inspired by my interest in Sumi-e; Asian Ink Painting. If you scroll down you will see the image.

This piece is an altogehter different one! Silly and fun but with an undertone in it's title which I have gien it. "Laying of Hands".
So here it is!

Enjoy the humor but know that it has a double intendre; that I ask the universe for the healing power of the "Laying of Hands" for all women afflicted with the battle of this disease.
See you when I get back!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Bermuda Fibre Festival & Fryeburg Fair Fiber Center Exhibit

I have been busy as a beaver trying to take care of all of the final details of Bermuda Fibre Festival so that the event website can be updated and registration for workshops to begin. It is done at last and you can now visit the event website for schedules, class descriptions and fees.
My Kaleidoscope teaching schedule is also included in the event website. Iwill be returning to the classroom in January to continue the "Fibre Frenzy" program for children 5-10 yrs and have added a "Wearable Fiber Art" program for 11 yrs & Up. I will also be offering four adult workshops that will be one and two day events between January and March. Visit the Bermuda Fibre Festival website for more details.
US Teachers have been contracted, Schedule has been set, materials have been purchased and registration has begun, just in time for me to leave for Maine to attend the Fryeburg Fair and manage the Fiber Center exhibit for the 18th year!

The Fibre Center planning is complete with a few minor details to take care of. As always, I think we have a terrific program with tons of educational fiber demonstrations going on all week. The Fiber Center Schedule is available now on this link.

I have created more Fibre & Wire earrings for The Fiber Center Exhibit this year. I debuted them last year and they were quite popular so I have built up my inventory for a better selection. I still have more to finish up but I think I will make the deadline :-) In addition to the earring collection, I will as always, be offering the Alpaca knitted goods and teddy bears from Peru.

Speaking of deadlines! It never ends!

I have committed to participating in an exhibition titled "1 in 8 - Busting Out". One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and this Bermuda event is to raise awareness and funds with an exhibition of bra inspired creations. The BDA Sun, one of the local papers did a story about one of my pieces. As is usual with most newspaper articles, not all of the details of my work or my piece is correct, but close enough. The piece shown in the article which I am calling "Delicate Subject", is a nuno felted piece: Merino wool on silk , that was inspired by my interest in Sumi-e, Asian Ink Painting and which inspires most of my artwork. I am working on an additional Needle Felted piece which I will be calling "Laying of Hands". I will post a photo of it before the exhibition but for now I MUST go as I have lots to do before I leave for the U.S. on monday!
Happy Fall!