Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fryeburg Fair Fiber Center 2010

Well I am finally officially living in the US again. Talk about culture shock! After driving on the narrow curvy Bermuda roads at a max speed of 35 mph, returning to the highways of Florida for part of the winter where most roads have a minimun speed of 50mph and two lanes or more; I've got some catching up to do!

Add to that the shock of going into stores and seeing the endless shelves of goods. Seeing the selection of any item you could want is astounding! I marveled at the view in Bed Bath and Beyond the other day. I don't  need anytthing, I just wantted to look and the lookin' was gooood:-)

Why is it that we are always wishing our life away.... I can't wait to get settled into our own home  again and have to shop for the things we will need to set it up. In the mean while, I will get back to reality, the here and now, and bring you up to date with postings. I begin today with some pictures from this year's Fiber Center exhibit.

Fiber Center 2010

Until next time.........................

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Exploring the Sea through Fiber

Fall always brings me the busiest time of the year. This year, I have the mother load!

Having finished up with the Fiber Center during Fryeburg Fair week, which was a great success by the way, I returned to Bermuda for three weeks of intense teaching. Top that off with these weeks comprising my final weeks on the island of Bermuda, and that constitutes "the mother load"!
Yes, sad but true, my husband's work contract has ended here after 4 years and we return to the states to re-patriate and get back into the US mainstream.
The grass isn't growing under my feet as my days in Bermuda come to a close! Last week was busy, intense and very rewarding, though stressful at times. Twenty -two children participated in this Fiber Art Camp.
Their project? A Diorama using Batik for a water background, Wet Felting to create Octopus, Clams and Coral, Nuno Felting to make Seaweed and Jelly Fish, Huichol for colorful Fish, and finally for the older children, Needle Felting to create a Mermaid or Merman. Additionally, there were some extra projects to fill in with including, hand dyed beaded necklaces, Shibori Dyed Scarves, Designs on Fabric using fabric Crayons, halloween masks, and last but not least Halloween Ghosts! Phew!
Photos of their work will have to come later since I do not have access to my own computer right now.

Currently, we have a variety of classes in the works for one off Fiber Art opportunities including Mondrian inspired fabric applique paintings, Fun Crazy Hair Self Portraits, Surface Design on Burlap and more!

Once I get settled back in the states with my own computer in hand, I will post photos and give an update on the classes and goings on.
Until then.....