Tuesday, December 8, 2009

R&D - felting for Children's Fiber Art Classes

AHHHhhhhhh..... It's so nice to be creating again!

My time is my own, sort of, now that my events are complete for the year!
I did do some creating during the Bermuda Fibre Festival that I will share with you later but for now I wanted to share this fun hat!
The pattern comes from "Uniquely Felt" and though mine doesn't really look like the finsihed one in the book, I love it!

It's a great pattern in several ways. First it doesn't use much fiber. A mere two ounces of merino! And because it uses so little, it's a pretty quick project to felt. That's exactly what I need for my upcoming children's classes! They often don't have the patience or the stamina to do larger projects but this one will be a good one for them.

I'm also working on my entry for this year's Charman exhibit. It's a surprise for now and will share that with you when it's done as well. It is a collage of sculpture that is being needle felted. FUN!
I have a reprieve until the 11th of January when the winter term at Kaleidoscope begins where I teach. Between holiday travel and the usual admin that I accumulate I get to play and work on some things that I have been creating in my mind. So off I go!
See you again soon!

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