Thursday, February 4, 2010

Crochet with 8 - 10 yr olds

Who would have ever thougth this would be so difficult! These are students who learned drop spindle in just a few hours and though they did very well with the basic chain stitch, as soon as I started to get dimensional, they looked at me with that outer space vagueness that I so comprehend :-) This was a big surprise to me. I personally find crochet to be easy compared to drop spindle. Fewer things to have to think about. BUT, we all process differently and I do not remember the actual learning of crochet. I remember my grandmother teaching me, but I don't remember how challenging I found it at the time.
We began with learning how to hold the yarn and the hook; a little challenging, but after a bit, and me adjusting to a simpler method of holding, they did a pretty good job of catching on to create a long chain with greater stitch consistency as they progressed. Once each seemed to have the hang of it, I felt it was time to make a simple flower done in the round using chain stitches and fastening to the center loop with a single crochet. The challenge seemed to be with spacial relationship and realizing that they are working an art in 3D instead of flat work. It was easy for them to get turned around especially when they put their work down and were not able to recognize which way was up when they picked it up again. I responded by marking their center with a bit of contrasting yarn which helped. In the end, they were all successful at creating at least a part of a flower if not a completed one during our class time, but they are not anxious to revisit this fiber art too soon. All but one found it quite challenging!
I've not decided yet whether I will let them pass on this yet. I believe crochet is one of those things that once you get the hang of a few simple stitches your world of creative options opens up and it's something you rarely forget once you learn it. We'll see:-)..........
So a week off from classes next week which means I will put my nose to the grindstone and work on show pieces. Time is creeping away and diligence will be improtant for me.

Until next time............

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