Saturday, March 13, 2010

Successful Opening at the Elliot Gallery!

Last night was amazing!
The reward for all of my many hours of working in the studio to create this new body of work was all about last night's event. And an event it was! I am very lucky to have somehow formed a relationship with two Bermudian artists whose work blends well with mine. For the second year in a row we have had one of, if not THE most well attended art show at the Elliot Gallery at Kaleidoscope Art Foundation.

Here are some photos of the show.

Artist Ronnie Chameau is most known in Bermuda for her Banana Doll Ornaments and in 2009 was rewarded for those efforts by being featured on a holiday postage stamp collection. What few people knew was that her true love is water color painting! Her ink and water colors paintings of Bermuda cottages is a delight with some of them resembling photographs until you look at them more closely! This year she featured more than 20 paintings from her collection.

Ronnie Lopes is a Bermudian of Portuguese descent and a multi talent as well. Ronnie owns a pet shop in Devonshire, raises prize winning chickens, is a talented musician who performs here and abroad AND began creating rustic furniture from Bermudas blow downs, removals  and recycled lumber. His following is ever increasing and he somehow finds time in his busy work life to create some pretty wonderful things! He has ventured out into some more artful pieces for the garden shown at this event. His oversized tricycle and garden wheel barrow were a big hit.

My work this year was about new things for me as well. I did not show one hairlock painting! Since the Bermuda fiber festival I have discovered the beauty and intrigue of Nuno Felting.  As a result, I created a clothing collection made from silk using that technique. Additionally I have been playing with dyes and incorporated some Shibori dyeing techiniques into several pieces for the show.

In the end, this show for me was about trying new things, setting a goal, and finding my confidence by believing in my gut. I had no idea when I began working on this show what would evolve beyond a few sketches but I knew I would not likely show  any paintings. It wasn't until January that I had a firm grasp of where my work was taking me and all along the way and up until a few weeks ago, I was unsure that it would finds it's way to the finish.
What I learned along the way is.... Do what you love with passion and it WILL come together. Seeing the final collection on display including the clothing on live models, and being able to stand back and be satisfied and proud of  the results of my work was one of the most rewarding things I have ever accomplished!
Artists all create with the hope of selling some of their work. Having been in the clothing industry in my early career, I know what a challenge that can be. The fact that I did indeed sell some work with several possible commissions was more than I could have imagined!

But I digress form the big picture....

Ronnie Lopes invited some friends and felow musicians to jam with him at the opening. What a treat for
anyone who attended! A gathering of a half dozen of Bermuda's top musicians who don't necessarily ever play together, gathered and entertained us in a rare performance.

But that's still not all! Bermudians like to party and eat! Ronnie Lopes Portuguese family provided home made Kale and Red Bean soups and Ronnie Chameau had a friend make a "gurt pot" of Bermudian spicy fish chowder. Radio personality, in our pre show publicity, clarified to his audience that " a gurt defines the pot, not the soup!".
Make food and they will come they said.
And come they did......

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