Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bad News & Good News..............

Well life as we all know has a way of showing us that we are not in control.... all of the time :-)

The Bad News:
On July 27th at 8:35am a fire broke out in our apartment and burned fast and fruiously. By 9:30am we had lost almost all of our possesions that we have in Bermuda.

The Good News:
Although we escaped with only the night clothes on our backs, my husband had time to pull his most precious race bicycles from the building because they were near the door. We did manage to salvage some clothes, tools and a file box with important personal papers. The best news for me? The hard drive from my computer was not harmed inspite of it all. This means that all of my years of fiber projects, education and photos as well as, the documentary photos that I have taken for the childrens fiber art project book are safe and the notes and directions for each project that were in a plastic file folder were protected enough so that only the edges were singed!

As devastating a loss as this kind of tragedy can be, we feel infinitely grateful that we are safe, unharmed and that the most precious pieces of our lives were saved.

There is an additional upside. We are repatriating to the US at the end of October. It is customary that when you leave a rental here that you completely paint the inside for the next tenant. This was weighing heavily on my mind and I now do not have to paint! Additionally, our plan had been to sell all of our household furnishings and only bring personal itmes back with us to the states which I no longer have to do!
So as devastating as the loss has been, we have found some positive aspects that keep us smiling. We have not lost anything that can't be easily replaced.

 There is always a bright spot to be found if we will only look for it. Yes the road can be bumpy along the way but the choice as to how we look at things is our own. That is the miracle of life for each of us to seek an find. May we always manage to find some good in our bad.

SO..... given the unsettled reality of life for now, I will post when I can.

Until next time..................................

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