Saturday, April 26, 2008

Henry's Second Sweater!

Henry is a VERY inportant part of my family's life right now! In an earlier post I reported that he was born to my niece Megan and her husband Matt at 29 weeks. He is now 7 weeks old and weighing in at over 4# and doing VERY well! Though there is great relief in that, he is still in the hospital and we will all be happier when he is cleared to go home. This is one of my favorite pictures of Henry so far and though you can't tell very well from this picture, he appears to have inherited him mom's red hair!

Henry is awaiting the birth of two cousins since his mom and her
two sisters are all pregnant at the same time! This family event has put me in knitting mode and I have been creating baby sweaters for each of the boys. Yes you got it right! three sisters are having three boys within a few months of each other! Boys managed to skip one entire generation in my family somehow! So here is a sneek peak at Henry's second sweater. His first was premie sized but if he keeps packing on the groceries he will have outgrown it before he makes his first trip home! This one is a 6mo size and has a collar with a one button loop/button tie at the top. The details in this photo got a bit lost ....I chose Lion Brand Suede yarn in this multi color. I know it's not the traditional baby colors but it is so soft and I think quite fun for a change. I hope Henry enjoy's it's snuggly feel as much as I do! Here is a picutre of it. The color mix isn't well represented in the photo but you get the idea. It looks much cuter in real life!

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