Friday, June 13, 2008

A Free Valuable Artists Resource!

Good morning folks!
I've heard from family and friends that Maine weather has been beautiful with high temperatures and the feel of summer heat at last! With the prices of fuel oil someone needs to learn how to store that excess heat for the winter! But that's another story......

It occurred to me that though I tell my artist friends about the benefit of The Maine Arts Commission, that this would be a great place to tell more people about it. For those who aren't aware of it, The Maine Arts Commission is an organization that promotes Art and Artists in the state of Maine. It is easily accessible through their website and is a terrific resource! I have it listed in my favorite links. Benefits to the artist are many. First you can register with them so that you are listed in their artist search data base. This allows the public who might be looking for someone to teach or commission work to find you! It also has a very good opportunities page which has various opportunities listings for artists including, calls for work, employment and Percent for Art listings.
In addition, there is a Press release page. Not only does this give a quick view of happenings in the Maine art world but it allows a registered member to submit Press Releases for self promotion! How often have you submitted a press release to the newspapers to find that it never runs! All press releases are reviewed but as long as it is a legitimate release they will run it. The biggest benefit I have found to this member benefit is that once the press release is posted to their website, it increases your chances of being found on the web when someone does a search. As a new artist, this has been a great plus for me.
In general a press release can not only give information about an upcoming show or a new body of work, it is also a great way for an artist to promote classes that they might be teaching, or something interesting about their work and it is FREE.
The other page on the site of special note is the events page. This is a listing of openings and exhibits throughout the state.
And last but not least, and worthy of noting is the list of grant opportunities. This is not important to me at this stage of my artists life but certainly is for many others out there.

I hope that if you are a practicing artist interested in getting your name out there, that you will take advantage of this wonderful free opportunity. I believe this is a very underutilized resource that has potential for helping many!
Join today!

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