Friday, June 6, 2008

Raining Babies!

Yesterday was a stellar day for my family! Not only did preemie Henry finally go home, but his aunt Melanee gave birth to his cousin Jackson!

Henry and his parents have been patiently waiting for his little being to mature enough and work out it's kinks so that he could finally be safely brought home. Yesterday was that day and at 8# 2oz he's the size of a typical newborn (for my family). The biggest difference being that as you can see from this picture, "on my way home", he looks more like the 3 month old that his birth date makes him. I have not held or met him yet but anxiously await my trip to Maine in July to do just that! We are all grateful that he has progressed so well and that he seems no worse for the wear; in great health in spite of his early arrival!

And then came Jackson! He weighed in, coincidentally, at 8# 2oz and both mom and babe are doing great. I have no pictures of him to share yet but look forward to seeing some and sharing them with you along with one of the sweaters that I knitted for him.

My Maine trip in July will be a busy one! Filled with preperation for the Audubon show as well as meeting the two newest members of my family!

Two down and one more to go! Sisters Megan & Melanee now wait for their sister Merrilee to give birth in July to yet another boy!

Stay tuned for more.....

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